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Three types of highly addictive prescription medications

If your doctor has suggested that you take a prescription medication, you may want to take the time to ask about the drug's side effects. In particular, you may also really want to learn about how addictive the medication may be. While the original reason for taking a drug may be legitimate, some medications can create addictions that make it difficult for people to stop using the drug. This can initiate a very negative cycle in a person's life.

What are drug schedules?

Have you ever wondered why some drug offenses seem to be considered more serious than others in Arizona? There are many factors that may contribute to what type of offense a person could be charged with when drugs are involved. One of these is the nature of the drug itself.

Agent pleads guilty to charges

Arizona residents who hear about people being charged with criminal offenses may sometimes feel that such things only happen to certain groups of people. However, the reality is that anyone may face criminal charges for a variety of reasons and this even includes people in positions of power such as law enforcement officials themselves.

Multiple officers facing discipline in Arizona

For what it is worth, it is important for Arizona residents accused of crimes to remember that such things can and do happen to anyone - even o tmembers of law enforcement agencies themselves. In addition, it is not only criminal consequences that may be of concern to defendants but the potential for other sanctions imposed by professional governing bodies.

Arizonan first to receive clemency by President

People in Arizona who are arrested and charged with drug crimes can be understandably fearful about the types of penalties they may face if they are ultimately convicted of a crime. Even if convicted, it is important to remember that the judicial system does allow for some opportunities to change sentences. This may come through the appeals process for some people. For others, a presidential pardon can be like a gift that may be life-changing.

Recreational pot still illegal in Arizona

The most recent election saw the proposed legalization of recreational marijuana on many different state's ballots. Arizona residents have already been living in somewhat close proximity to Colorado, the first state to make recreational pot legal. But, now there are even more states in which people will be able to possess or use pot legally that are in even closer proximity to Arizona than Colorado is. How might this change things for Arizona residents?

Arizona keeps pot illegal

Many different types of substances from illegal substances like cocaine or methampetamine to prescription drugs like opioids can be involved in a criminal arrest in Arizona. The nature of the charges and penalties that a defendant may face can vary based upon which drug is involved and how much of the drug is involved.

The addictive side of heroin

Many Arizona residents who read or hear reports about illegal drug use or other crimes in which drugs were involved can sometimes adopt a harsh viewpoint about the people involved. This sadly may come from a lack of understanding about just how real and serious drug addiction is. Knowing a bit about this may offer a new perspective on these situations.