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Man arrested for super extreme DUI

Arizona residents who have ever been arrested for suspected drunk driving know how scary the epxerience can be. From the moment that flashing lights are seen in a driver's rear-view mirror all the way through taking field sobriety tests and even being handcuffed and taken to a police station or jail, the whole process may raise many questions in a driver's mind. What will happen next? What penalties might be faced? These are just some such questions.

Impaired driving arrests over holidays

Arizona residents know that municipal and state law enforcement agencies are constantly on the lookout for what they believe may be impaired drivers on the roads. Certainly it is important to keep the public safe but equally important is protecting the rights of those accused of crimes.

What is the eye test for drunk driving?

If you are among the many people arrested for and charged with a drunk driving offense in Arizona, you should be working to educate yourself about your options for a good defense. It is important at this time to remember that a defense is your right. One area that may offer opportunities for you is any potential error made during the arrest process, including an inaccurate testing procedure or result.

Is the one-leg stand test accurate?

If you are ever suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol in Arizona, a law enforcement officer might ask you to participate in field sobriety tests. While these tests do not conclusively prove that you are drunk or establish a specific blood alcohol content, they may be used to establish sufficient cause to place you under arrest. One of the tests used is called the one-leg stand test.

Six charges dropped for conviction on one DUI charge

Being arrested for a drunk driving offense in Arizona can be a scary proposition, especially with the severity of the penalties that may be experienced if a person is ultimately convicted. However, it is important for people in this situation to remember that they have the right to a proper defense and that simply being arrested does not necessarily mean a conviction will result.

The walk-and-turn field sobriety test

If you are one of the many Arizona residents who has been arrested and charged with a drunk driving offense, it is important that you educate yourself about your defense options. This starts with getting a good understanding of the arrest process. You were likely asked to take part in field sobriety tests. As explained by FieldSobrietyTests.org, these tests are anything but foolproof and may offer you options to dispute the charges against you.

Distracted driving and ignition interlocks

Arizona residents who are arrested for suspected drunk driving should educate themselves about the types of penalties associated with these offenses. In addition to the criminal sanctions that may occur if a person is convicted, drivers may be subject to administrative penalties associated with their right to drive. In some cases, drivers may be required to install and use ignition interlock devices in order to retain or reinstate their driving privileges.

New law changes IID requirement in Arizona

Along with New Year's resolutions, Arizona residents have other new things to learn and encounter with the start of a new calendar year. Among these are new laws. Some of these laws may not always be highly publicized so it is easy for some people to not even know about them. Two laws in particular to take note of went into effect Jan. 1, 2017 in Arizona.

Arizona drivers should be on the lookout for DUI patrols

Arizona residents who have been arrested for an impaired driving offense in the past know that the state laws are harsh and the penalties can be long-lasting. Getting a second driving while under the influence conviction is the last thing a person with a prior offense needs or wants. And, for those without prior offenses, avoiding one altogether can be an important way of preserving the ability to drive, get a job and more.

Illinois officer arrested for DUI in Arizona

People who are arrested and charged with suspected drunk driving in Arizona may sometimes feel ashamed about the experience. However, despite the stereotypes that may abound, anyone can be in this situation. It is not just irresponsible people that drive vehicles after consuming a couple of drinks. Neither is it only irresponsible people who get DUIs. In fact, many highly responsible and respected members of the community find themselves facing drunk driving charges.