Criminal Law Testimonials

● I had 2 felony counts against me, a class 2 felony, and a class 3 felony. This morning, ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED. Michael has literally given me my life back. Due to the severity of charges, other lawyers were not willing to TOUCH my case for under $25,000. Michael Baker took the case for significantly less than that. I had never faced criminal (or even misdemeanor) charges before, I had no experience with it. Michael patiently and expertly led me through the process, the whole time being honest with me about what my chances were. Michael is a hero in my book! Also, Michael brings extensive invaluable experience to the table. He knows the people in the Arizona courts. In tandem, he "presents" very professionally. What I mean is that he is friendly, handsome, and he knows his stuff. You truly cannot do better than Michael Baker.

Phoenix, AZ

● Not only would I recommend him I already did Mike was able to get the case dismissed when I was looking at six years in prison with the court appointed lawyer she wanted me to take the plea bargain. Also I wanted to say how Mike work out a payment plan that was realistic and with in our budget. THANKS AGAIN TO THE BAKER LAW FIRM FOR GIVING MY LIFE BACK!

Phoenix, Arizona

● Mr. Baker met me at the courthouse for my son's court date, when he had just arrived back into town the night previous. Without prior payment he had signed on as my son's Lawyer and we met after court to take care of all payment arrangements. He has jumped right into the case and given over and above his call of duty. I have to say that I never in a million years thought there were any lawyers left in this world that truly believed in fighting for the rights of their clients like Michael Baker does. He is an amazing man and God Bless.

Mesa, Arizona

● My son was in a difficult situation and Michael was able to first make clear for us the options that we available and explain how we should best approach the prosecuting attorney to make sure Patrick received a fair deal. Michael did a great job.

Scottsdale, Arizona

● I was extremely pleased from the professionalism and knowledge and availability of Mr. Michael Baker as a lawyer. Today, you just don't get the 'client comes first' mentality that Mr. Baker provides you as a lawyer anymore. He is very personable and honest. Mr. Baker knows the law and gives you 110% and answers all your questions and his cost for his representation is well worth it!!! Keep doing a good job Mike, I would recommend him for all his law firm represents because he did a awesome job for me and my family!!!

Dayton, Ohio

● Michael S. Baker was more then helpful to me. He became someone I could count on.

Phoenix, Arizona

Family Law Testimonials

● I never expected to get the outcome I did. Mike and his staff made it
happen! I had to take my ex-wife to court to modify the parenting time and to get joint custody of our 6 year old. Mike asked me what I wanted and he delivered. Maria (para legal) was outstanding also. She always had the time to pick up the phone when I called. Mike always got back to me within a 24 hour period. The Baker Law team is by far the best.

Phoenix, AZ

● I want to tell you how much I appreciate the kind manner, professional ethics and patience that you showed me and the court today. I am unfamiliar with navigating the legal process on my own and don't know the ins and outs of court room flow. I felt more empathy and support from you than from the Judge. I guess I didn't expect empathy from the judge as his job is to be impartial, but I didn't expect it from opposing counsel. You clearly represented your client but also displayed great character and respect for all involved. Thank you! My interactions with you and your staff have always been pleasant and helpful over the past few years. Character and integrity are so important in court and life and you have that. My past experiences with legal issues have been so antagonistic and negative. Your other clients and even opposing counsel and clients are fortunate to witness and experience your integrity. Thank you.

Scottsdale, Arizona

● I could not be happier. The entire firm was incredibly easy to work with. Although I was in another state I feel that Mr. Baker and the entire firm represented me diligently in the hearings I was not present for and were a wonderful ally to have, against a difficult plaintiff, in the hearings I had to appear for. I would hire the Baker Law Firm again without hesitation, but hopefully I will never have to.

El Paso, Texas

● My case is very complex with change of custody, many parenting, mental health & drug issues of opposing party, who abandoned children for over three years. Being a self litigant for four years, I have presented issues to the court for change of custody & believed my children's interest would be protected with legal representation at the hearing. Michael is very knowledgeable in all areas & became familiarized with my case in an expedited time frame. His professional, calm posture during the hearing and follow up with all parties, reassured me I made the best choice in having him represent me in this critical matter. I would highly recommend Michael for several reasons including his knowledge & experience in family law. His genuine care and assurance of my concerns formulated a relationship of trust and relief, knowing my case is in expert hands.

Mesa, Arizona

● I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was glad that you were straight forward and didn't lie to me. You weren't sure I was going to win, but I did. Thank you me and my whole family thank you, especially my son and daughter.

Mesa, Arizona

● I sat with Michael for a little over an hour to see if he could help me, I can say from experience, this man does put his clients first. As a single woman who survived a personal struggle that beat me down, he gave me hope and did not focus on what to pay him. He was intuitive, intelligent, honest, straight up and willing to do something for the right reasons for once, despite the mess. My gut feeling is that this man is a winner, and after 20 plus years of struggling to scrape out a safe and happy future with my kids, alone in a strange state, with my dignity I have maintained despite the kicks by the system. I just may be able to sleep when the case is all said and done and feel safe for the first time in my adult life. Thank you Mr. Baker. Don't ever change.

Chandler, Arizona

● My experience with Mr. Baker was far beyond expectations - my case was pursued to a successful outcome. I will not hesitate to both hire Mr. Baker in the future for other legal matters and I will recommend him to anyone who needs an outstanding attorney.

Glendale, Arizona

● Michael S. Baker handled my case with complete professionalism and in a very timely manner. When I went to court I had total confidence that I would walk out with the results that would be best for my son as well as myself. I am very happy with Michael's service and if I need to get an attorney in the future I would definitely re-hire him. Thank you Michael!

Phoenix, Arizona

* All testimonials are from present and former clients of The Baker Law Firm, LLC. The experience of other clients does not act as a guarantee or prediction of the future outcome of your case.

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