Arizona Bans Medical Marijuana on College Campuses

Medical marijuana has become a popular topic among the American public. Arizona, which allows the use of medical marijuana under certain circumstances, is now taking steps to diminish the effects of its medical marijuana laws, a trend that is occurring throughout the country. One of these steps is to ban the use of medical marijuana on college campuses in the state.

Marijuana remains an illegal narcotic under the federal law of the United States, but some states have taken the initiative to reduce potential drug crimes by legalizing the therapeutic use of the drug. Arizona claims that the new law is necessary to assure that federal funding continues to be allocated to Arizona universities and colleges.

Federal Government Using Tough Tactics

The federal government is also taking action to roll back medical marijuana laws. The government has been trying to shut down medical marijuana greenhouses and stores in the Western states because federal investigators believe that some of them are acting as fronts for drug-trafficking. In addition, shops and greenhouses established near parks and schools are under increased scrutiny.

In another attempt to take action on medical marijuana, federal agents raided a San Francisco college that teaches students how to grow and dispense marijuana in addition to the traditional curriculum. Colorado and Washington are giving voters the opportunity to decide whether marijuana should be legalized for recreational use, but the federal government is also cracking down on marijuana in those states. These SWAT-style raids are allowed because any use of marijuana is prohibited under federal law.

Recently, a bill failed in the House of Representatives that would have made such raids more difficult for federal agents. The bill proposed to eradicate federal funding for raids on medical marijuana shops in states that have legalized its use. The bill was pushed because of the many raids that the federal government has performed on medical marijuana shops acting in full compliance with the law.

Legal Threat to Arizona Ban

The Arizona law banning medical marijuana use on college campuses went easily through the legislature. The state is now preparing to face legal action from medical marijuana supporters who will see this as another setback in the fight for the legalization of medical marijuana.