Super Extreme DUI, Super Extreme Penalties

A recent DUI arrest under Arizona’s supreme extreme DUI law demonstrates the penalties that are in place for this DUI offense. After driving erratically along State Route 89A and driving 50 feet off of the road, hitting a sign, an Arizona woman was arrested on suspicion of super extreme driving under the influence (DUI). After breath tests were administered, the driver’s blood alcohol content was tested twice and showed a blood alcohol content of 0.226 and 0.235, nearly three times the legal limit in Arizona.

When people consider the ramifications of felonies and misdemeanors, most think that the greatest impact and penalties will result from felonies. However, this is not necessarily true. In Arizona, a conviction for Super Extreme DUI, while still a misdemeanor, will carry penalties that are more severe than some felonies.

Super Extreme DUI

If a driver is arrested for a BAC of 0.20 or greater, the driver can be charged with super extreme DUI. Arizona is one of only a handful of states to have this highest level of DUI charge. The penalties for super extreme DUI, at the minimum level, are the most severe penalties that someone charged with DUI can possibly face. Penalties for super extreme DUI may include:

  • Up to six months in jail
  • Fines of $8,300
  • 90 days suspended license
  • Interlock installed on vehicle for 18 months

Note that these are the MINIMUM penalties and do not include such costs as increased insurance premiums, attorneys’ fees and any social costs such as a job loss, declined admittance into college or increased difficulty in finding employment.

Because of the enhanced penalties of super extreme DUI, it is vitally important to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after being arrested for suspicion of DUI. An experienced DUI attorney can help you fight the allegations and protect your rights.