What Arizona considers domestic violence

Many different things can be considered domestic violence in Arizona and such charges can be serious.

Domestic violence laws can vary from state to state. Accusations of domestic violence can arise in a variety of situations and find even highly respected persons with bright futures in jeopardy of criminal charges and convictions. Such is the case of one football recruit for Arizona State University.

According to ABC15.com, the man was arrested this year on domestic violence charges. The arrest happened after a call to authorities that the defendant had allegedly hit his girlfriend. As a result, the university chose to suspend him from not only the football team but from the school. Since the arrest, the alleged victim has indicated she lied about the events and that she was not hit. The criminal charges have been dropped yet the university has yet to lift its suspension of the football player. This is just one situation that shows how much such situations can impact a person’s life with very serious consequences.

What is domestic violence?

The Arizona Department of Health Services website suggests that any intentional physical or sexual harm or assault or even intimidation of another person can be considered to be domestic violence.

The Arizona State Legislature website outlines some of the relationships that can qualify an incident for domestic violence charges. It is essentially the nature of the relationship between the defendant and the supposed victim that makes this possible. The courts will consider any current or former relationship of certain types, the length that the relationship lasted or has lasted and even how long ago a terminated relationship was ended.

Some example relationships include the following:

  • A blood relationship between both parties.
  • An alleged child victim that lived in the same household as the defendant. The defendant may be a current or former spouse of the child’s biological parent.
  • A relationship in which one party has become pregnant by the other.
  • A relationship in which both parties have a child together.
  • A current married couple or a divorced couple.

Other romantic relationships such as in the case of the Arizona State University football player and his girlfriend can also be deemed domestic and lead to these charges.

What defendants should know and do

Any type of domestic violence charge can remain on a person’s record for some time. It can result in penalties such as probation or even impact a person’s livelihood in other ways. Because of the serious consequences, anyone arrested on these charges should always seek help from an attorney.

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