Comparing 2011 and 2012 4th of July DUI Arrest Numbers in Arizona

During the holidays, we often spend time with friends and family. Whether it is simply gathering at someone’s house or a place of business, there is always an increase in people traveling on the Phoenix-area roads during these times.

The holidays are frequently a time when law enforcement agencies throughout the region conduct extensive campaigns targeting those who are driving under the influence. The 4th of July has always been a very popular time for a DUI crackdown. The Governor’s Office of Highway safety recently released information concerning the number of arrests in Arizona for this past July 4th.

Compared to 2011 July 4th DUI arrests, this year saw a slight decrease. In 2011, law enforcement agencies in Arizona stopped 11,210 motorists, and arrested 523 for DUI. In 2012, police pulled over more cars, with 11,624 stops, while arresting 505 for DUI. The arrests in 2012 also included more arrests for minors who were drinking and driving.

One of the trends concerning officials with this year’s arrest data is the increase in individuals with high blood-alcohol content levels. Extreme DUI, meaning those with a BAC above 0.15, showed an increase in 2012. In 2011, only 157 extreme DUI arrests were made, however, this year, there were 161 arrests during the 4th of July enforcement campaign. Overall, BAC levels for offenders increased, from 0.144 in 2011 to 0.151 in 2012.

The next opportunity for holiday DUI enforcement will probably occur during the Labor Day weekend. However, police will remain aggressive in their efforts to reduce the number of drunk drivers on area highways. With severe penalties in place for anyone convicted of DUI, it is important to understand the consequences if you are facing charges.

Source: “Arizona 4th of July DUI enforcement” Heather Brummitt, July 9, 2012.