September 2012 Archives

States Taking New Approaches to Preventing Drunk Driving

In addressing the issue of drunk driving, many states often will copy what others are doing to fight the problem. New Mexico has recently released an app that tells smartphone users when they may have had too much to drink. It is hoped that the app will help reduce the number of repeat DUI offenders on roadways.

Tips for Hiring a DUI Defense Attorney

Many people get arrested for DUI each day throughout the Phoenix metro area. For several of these individuals, it is the first time that they may have had any interaction with law enforcement. The arrest can lead to many concerns and questions, and individuals need to have some idea of what to expect throughout the process.

Changes Coming to Prescription Drug Crime Laws?

Prescription drug crimes are a growing concern for both federal and state officials. Often, when people think of drug crimes, those involving prescription drugs get very little attention. Most people are not aware of some of the potential dangers associated with these crimes, and do not realize the potential penalties that they may carry.

Law Enforcement Wants to be Friends on Facebook

Social media plays a big role in the lives of most Americans. Facebook, Twitter and other websites have made it incredibly easy to share each and every thing that is happening in life. One short posting has the potential to reach hundreds or thousands of people at one time, making communication so much faster than telling each friend individually.