Changes Coming to Prescription Drug Crime Laws?

| Sep 13, 2012 | Uncategorized

Prescription drug crimes are a growing concern for both federal and state officials. Often, when people think of drug crimes, those involving prescription drugs get very little attention. Most people are not aware of some of the potential dangers associated with these crimes, and do not realize the potential penalties that they may carry.

A new bill proposed by Senator Sherrod Brown, Ohio, would increase some of the penalties in place for prescription drug crimes. The bill, called the SAFE DOSES Act, was recently passed by the House, and will soon undergo consideration by the Senate.

Some of the potential changes in the bill include making it a crime to fraudulently obtain a prescription or medical device. If death occurs as a result of this theft or fraud, additional penalties can be imposed. Additionally, those that knowingly buy stolen medical property or drugs and attempt to sell it legitimately could also be facing increased punishments.

If this new bill passes, those convicted of prescription drug crimes could be looking at some very serious potential punishments. Jail or prison time is likely. For those medical professionals that assist in these crimes, their livelihoods may be at stake. Officials will not hesitate to punish doctors or nurses that are involved in the theft of these drugs.

Those facing drug crimes need to take the accusations seriously. A conviction could have a major impact upon several aspects of a person’s life. Knowing the options that are available can help an individual make a decision that is in the best interests for his or her future.

Source: Toledo Free Press “Sen. Brown targets prescription drug abuse with new bill” Brian Bohnert, August 27, 2012.