Tips for Hiring a DUI Defense Attorney

Many people get arrested for DUI each day throughout the Phoenix metro area. For several of these individuals, it is the first time that they may have had any interaction with law enforcement. The arrest can lead to many concerns and questions, and individuals need to have some idea of what to expect throughout the process.

The very first thing that those arrested should do is to hire an attorney to represent them against the charges they are facing. Motorists need to know that anything they say or do during this time could be used against them later at trial, if it becomes necessary.

Because this is the first time through the legal system, many often do not know what they should look for when finding a DUI defense attorney, and may make mistakes. Some individuals may hire the first attorney they hear about, and not look at the experience of the attorney.

It is crucial to hire an experienced attorney to defend against DUI charges. While a DUI may seem like an open and shut case, there are several things that need to be examined. An experienced attorney understands how to approach these cases, and formulate a strong defense because he or she knows the law that is at issue.

Additionally, some people may see advertisements for DUI attorneys that proclaim the attorney is “the one” to hire when facing charges. Often, these attorneys have high caseloads, and may not be able to devote significant attention to each case.

This may be a very confusing time, but it is important to know what options are available. A conviction will have a significant impact on a person’s driving record for many years. Pleading guilty may make the case go away now, but the results can last for decades.

Source: “Top 3 Mistakes When Hiring a DUI Lawyer” Andrew Chow.

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