The benefits of DUI courts

During the holiday season, drunk driving prevention is a central public safety focus in Arizona. Commercials warning of the legal (and physical) dangers of drunk driving will be seen by millions of viewers between now and New Years’ Day, and additional patrols will be made to catch drunk drivers.

While much is made about drunk driving arrests, the story of DUI courts is largely untold. Despite this anonymity, a report indicates that DUI courts have played an important role in reducing drunk driving deaths.

DUI courts are specifically calendared courts to deal with offenders who fit a specific profile of having dangerous aversions to alcohol. Unlike traditional courts, they are geared toward treating and rehabilitating offenders instead of punishing them. It is shaped as a team approach, where offenders work with a probation officer, a treatment provider, a sponsor as well as the police in completing an addiction rehabilitation program as part of their sentence.

DUI courts are recognized for how they differ from traditional criminal courts where positive reinforcement is more frequent and incentives are used to help offenders reach their goals and take back control over their lives.

Even though the focus is on praising offenders for positive steps, those who fail to comply face additional punitive measures. If a person fails a weekly drug test, he or she is liable to have daily testing. Also, jail time is an option for judges who believe that an offender is making conscious choices not to comply.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, an experienced attorney can help explain the benefits and procedures of DUI court in Arizona.

Source: Business, DWI courts are working, December 16, 2012