Breathalyzer kiosks may reduce DUIs in Arizona

In our last post we discussed how the potential for drunk driving arrests increases during the holiday season, as law enforcement agencies are under a mandate to reduce (and prevent) fatalities stemming from alcohol related accidents. We expect that many will heed our advice and use designated drivers. Others will be equally as diligent, but may get behind the wheel while legally impaired, even though they may not feel drunk (or even buzzed).

Nevertheless, a new machine may help drivers avoid the criminal penalties and expenses of a DUI conviction. The BreathAdvisor kiosk incorporates the same technologies used by law enforcement agencies, but enables drivers to test their own blood alcohol concentration (BAC) before leaving a particular establishment.

The machine, which would be as inconspicuous as an ATM machine, features an interactive monitor and a straw that enables a person to blow into the machine. The results are presented on the screen, and the driver will be given options to choose local taxi cab companies if they are over the legal limit to drive.

The BreathAdvisor’s creator, Jason Knott, explained that people should be given a fair opportunity to know what their BAC is, so that they can make informed decisions about driving after they have had a few drinks. Because people process alcohol differently, they may exceed the legal limit in different ways. Essentially, one person may become intoxicated by having two glasses of wine, while another may consume four before becoming impaired.

The machine may only be available in select areas as we write this post, but we suspect that it will gain wide acceptance in 2013.

Source:, New breathalyzer kiosk helps drinkers dodge DUIs, November 27, 2012