Chandler man suspected of DUI after falling asleep at intersection

Chandler police arrested a man on suspicion of extreme DUI after he was found asleep in his car at an intersection. According to a report on, officers were alerted to a car that was not moving at the corner of Galveston Street and Arizona Avenue. When officers arrived on the scene, the man was unconscious and the engine was running. Witnesses indicated that the car had been at the intersection for more than 20 minutes before police arrived.

The arresting officers alleged that the man smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech and had bloodshot eyes. They also alleged that he refused to exit the car before being forcibly removed. After being arrested, he reportedly had a .253 blood alcohol level.

In the interest of public safety, the State of Arizona has incorporated different levels of penalties for those charged with drunk driving. Drivers with a BAC over .08 while behind the wheel of a car can be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor. Those with a BAC greater than .15 and less than .20 can be charged with extreme DUI, and those with a BAC over .20 can be charged with super extreme DUI.

It remains to be seen whether the charges against the man will be upgraded to super extreme DUI.

Of course, the man has a right to challenge the officers’ accounts and the BAC allegedly registered, but the story exemplifies the importance of having an attorney to advise you of the legal implications of the charges against you should you be charged with a drunk driving offense.

Source:, Chandler motorist falls asleep at intersection, police say, January 22, 2013