Drunk driver crashes into marsh

There are some drunk driving stories that are funny and entertaining. Last week we described a driver in Chandler who fell asleep behind the wheel at an intersection. While these stories may be classic “what were you thinking moments,” they may be indicative of deeper problems that must be resolved.

We suspect that this was the case of an Ohio man who crashed into a swamp. Police report that the man had driven around the parking lot of an office complex for several minutes before crashing his car into an adjacent marsh field. Officers went into the water to rescue the driver, when they discovered that he wasn’t in danger at all.

In fact, the man was sitting in his car, eating pieces of fried chicken as if everything was normal.

After getting the man out of the water, officers performed several field sobriety tests, most notably the nystagamus gaze test, where a subject follows an officer’s finger with his or her eyes. Instead of following with his eyes, the man did so with his own finger, evoking images of E.T.

The man was eventually charged with drunk driving, and subsequent tests revealed that he had a BAC of .206.

While this story has some “interesting” elements, it suggests that there are underlying substance abuse problems that must be addressed. This is an important consideration with people charged with high BAC drunk driving (Extreme DUI) in Arizona. These offenders are likely candidates for drunk driving courts, where different approaches are taken to deal with alcohol dependency issues while offenders pay their debts to society.

Source: Fox8 News.com, Police: Chicken eating drunken man crashes into swamp, January 24, 2013