How to avoid a DUI while celebrating love

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many bars and restaurants are pulling out all the stops to attract couples who want to celebrate love. With it being on a Thursday, there may be plenty of dinner and drink specials to treat one’s sweetheart.

For college students especially, getting the most on a meager budget is important, and most establishments focus on deals on bottles of wine and mixed drink specials. It is not surprising to see specials on:

•- Sweetheart bombs

•- Pineapple upside down shots

•- Chocolate indulgence martinis

•- Red velvet cookie cocktails

•- Cabernet sauvignon

With so many choices at discount prices, it may be tempting to go overboard while trying to impress a new flame. Some may simply get caught up in Valentine’s Day bliss and have that proverbial “one too many.” Whatever the situation may be, it is important to keep in perspective the importance of drinking responsibly.

Simply put, drinking and driving during Valentine’s Day should be avoided, just like any other holiday. We have described in past posts how law enforcement agencies have increased patrols during holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Valentine’s may not fit into that same category of popularity, but it does not decrease the chances that you could be stopped.

A drunk driving charge carries the potential for thousands of dollars of fines and penalties, increased insurance costs, as well as potential jail time. A touch of cupid’s bliss is not worth it, so we implore our readers to drink responsibly.

Source: KState, Love potions keep Valentine’s Day delicious in Aggieville, February 13, 2013