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25 arrested at underage drinking party

It is very unfortunate when a person makes a mistake during his or her youth that will result in consequences that last well into adulthood. This is sometimes the case when young people are arrested for underage drinking in Arizona. This is because a conviction for drinking under the age of 21 results not only in fines and possibly a license suspension, but it can also affect college admission and employment opportunities.

Titans wide receiver acquitted at trial

Since Roger Goodell took over as commissioner of the National Football League, off-the-field misconduct has been a major issue that he has sought to address. Specifically, players can be suspended for drunk driving arrests, even before they have an opportunity to present their case in court.

UAPD to focus on DUI violations

Spring has sprung in Tucson, and the area is a popular destination not only for college students on spring break, but also for baseball fans enjoying spring training games, and for basketball fans swept into March Madness. Combine these with St. Patrick's Day celebrations, and all of these events set the background for excessive drinking.

Joke about "drunk Indians" offends Navajo Nation

We tend to stay away from stories about celebrities behaving badly. Many of those stories fall in the category of "what were you thinking?" and do not give our readers useful information about drunk driving in Arizona. However, they occasionally provide readers with unique insight into how the law is applied indiscriminately across all citizens.

Mesa doctor acquitted of all sex crime charges

In any criminal case, the burden is on the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Regardless of the vehemence of witness testimony or the directness with which prosecutors make their claims, that burden is still there, and juries must weigh the evidence presented in court and disregard mere speculation.