25 arrested at underage drinking party

It is very unfortunate when a person makes a mistake during his or her youth that will result in consequences that last well into adulthood. This is sometimes the case when young people are arrested for underage drinking in Arizona. This is because a conviction for drinking under the age of 21 results not only in fines and possibly a license suspension, but it can also affect college admission and employment opportunities.

According to a news report, more than 24 people were arrested, most of them on underage drinking charges, after a fight broke out at a house party. While the incident occurred in Ohio, law enforcement agencies in Arizona have seen these types of parties before. Many high school and college students come to Arizona to enjoy spring break.

Most of the partygoers were reportedly under 21, and an adult who police think was supervising the party has been charged with multiple counts related to contributing to a minor.

When adults face charges for allowing minors to consume alcohol, a conviction can result in both fines and jail time.

Whenever minors face charges related to alcohol consumption or possession, it is important to attempt to resolve the case in a way that will leave them with a clean record. This may be necessary to ensure that the case has as little an effect as possible on their future. Those who are arrested on these types of charges should consider seeking legal counsel in order to reach the best available outcome.

Teens often think that underage drinking charges will not result in serious penalties because they may consider it common (and not such a big deal), or they believe the state will go easy on them because of their age. Arizona is very serious about combating underage drinking, and teens who face such charges should take them seriously as well.

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