May 2013 Archives

Arizona DUI patrols on highways and waterways

Memorial Day weekend in Arizona is the gateway to summer. Many Arizonans will be on the road to campsites and lakes. With thousands more drivers on the road, law enforcement agencies throughout the state will be actively looking for drunk drivers

NTSB considers lowering blood alcohol limit

The blood alcohol limit of .08 percent has been the law in Arizona for nearly 14 years, since President Bill Clinton signed it into law. The notion behind the law was that less alcohol in drivers' systems would lead to fewer accidents. For the most part, that notion was correct. Compared to the 1990's there are fewer highway accidents, and a culture shift against drinking and driving has reached all levels of our society.

Report: Gun deaths down since 1990's

In our last post, we reported on an ongoing investigation regarding a shooting in Phoenix that left the driver a car dead and a passenger seriously injured. That incident, combined with the news of mass shootings in Denver, Colorado, Portland, Oregon and Newtown, Connecticut may suggest that gun violence is sharply rising. This perception is fueling tensions between political parties over background checks, assault rifle bans and sentences for gun crimes.