Shootout may have lead to car accident

| May 1, 2013 | Uncategorized

Phoenix police are investigating the cause of an auto accident on Tuesday evening near 35th Avenue and Baseline Road. When first responders arrived on the scene, they found two people shot in the car, which had crashed into tree near a stop sign.

According to an report, one of the passengers (a Hispanic man in his 20’s) died at the scene. The other passenger, a woman, was shot three times.

Witnesses indicate that four or five gunshots were fired, but they did not see anyone running from (or towards) the vehicle. Crime scene investigators found shell casings on the scene and are working on piecing together clues to learn more about how the crime occurred. Police are not releasing much more information, as the crime is still being investigated.

Gun crimes in Arizona are taken very seriously. Since they are classified as dangerous weapons under statute, crimes committed with guns are punished with mandatory prison sentences. Moreover, sentences served under mandatory provisions are no eligible for credit for time served towards early release. 

Also, gun crimes are not limited to the actual discharge of a weapon, with the intent to harm someone. If a gun is involved in a robbery, an assault or  associated with a drug crime, the criminal penalties can be enhanced. In other words, a person who is caught with a weapon shortly after a crime has been committed could be facing harsh penalties.

In the meantime, police hope to quickly have updates on the investigation, including information on possible suspects.

Source:, Two people found shot, 1 dead following car crash in Phoenix, April 30, 2013