First phase of jury selection complete in Trayvon Martin case

| Jun 20, 2013 | Uncategorized

As the national coverage of the Jodi Arias trial fades into obscurity, another high profile murder trial begins to pick up steam. The initial phase of jury selection is reportedly complete in the Trayvon Martin case, and the next phase is set to take place next week. 

According to a report, 40 potential jurors were approved to continue to the next round of questioning for the jury panel to determine if George Zimmerman should be found guilty of second degree murder for the shooting death of the Florida teenager. 

The case has garnered national attention because of the question of race and how it may have played a part in the time it took for authorities to charge Zimmerman with a crime. (Six weeks went by before he was actually charged).

Of the jurors continuing to the next round, 24 are women and 16 are men. Twenty-seven are white and seven are African-American. Three are of mixed race and three others are Hispanic. All of the jurors have admitted to knowing something about the incident, but the attorneys believe that they can field a panel of impartial jurors.

During the next stage of selection, attorneys for the prosecution and the defense may use peremptory challenges, which will enable counsel to excuse a juror without cause. Ultimately, six jurors and four alternates will be seated to hear the case.  When the opening statements begin, the media coverage will undoubtedly increase and the nation will watch (once again) a high profile murder trial in Florida.

Source:, Jury selection almost complete in George Zimmerman case, June 19, 2013