Prenuptial Agreements – Necessary or Offensive?

Welcome to “Generation Pre-Nup”

By now, almost everyone and anyone is familiar with the basic concept of prenuptial agreements. With the majority of celebrities endorsing and agreeing to them, it appears that signing a prenuptial agreement is what everyone is doing in this day and age.

The question is, should you? There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to prenuptial agreements. One of the biggest challenges that most people face is on more of a personal level, determining if a prenup is morally right. “How do I approach someone I love and ask them to agree to a prenup?” and “Are they going to be upset or angry if I bring it up?” are questions that one may ask themselves when considering a prenuptial agreement. Now, most people do not want to be, nor have the funds to end up like K-Fed who received a whopping 1 million bucks from Britney Spears from a prenuptial agreement but these agreements are commonly up for debate amongst many couples.

 I am not sure if prenuptial agreements are right for everyone. One of the biggest things that surprises me when I read about different cases and circumstances is the amount of effort one may take in obtaining a prenup. However, is the juice worth the squeeze? A family court can throw out a prenup, if they choose, putting all the work and convincing in the trash.

It might be better to acquire what is called “cohabitation”. Cohabitating partners are free to walk away from with all of their assets from a relationship. But, an important fact to remember is that couples who DO NOT have a joint bank account and DO NOT share their monies are 145 percent more likely to get divorced, studies suggest.

Prenuptial agreements have been a commonly debated topic over the years. But, I suggest that you take a look at your own situation and decide if “your” factors are worth the investment of time and persuading. Some look at prenups as a calculation for disaster, while for others it is not a big deal, just a way to protect assets. Take into consideration your own situation and surroundings and decide what is best for you. As prenups become a part of the “new generation marriage” it may not be the best option for you. Do your research and make decisions in this regard with time, not with selfishness.

What do you think about prenuptial agreements? Are they good for a marriage? Or Are they a recipe for divorce?