Death row inmate granted new trial after more than 20 years

| Sep 30, 2013 | Uncategorized

The rights of people accused of violent crimes is protected under our nation’s laws and the laws of the state of Arizona. No matter what type of felony charge a person faces, whether a terroristic act, an assault charge or a murder charge, a fair trial and representation is due. Sometimes that fair representation can occur several years after the initial crime has been committed.

Such is the story in the case of a woman who has been on Arizona’s death row since 1990 for the murder of her then four-year old son. New evidence has been presented that is allowing the woman a new trial. She is currently out of jail thanks to help from those who posted her bond in the amount of $250,000. Many of her supporters are from her mother’s connections in Germany and Switzerland where the death penalty is opposed.

The original murder conviction hinged upon a confession that she supposedly gave to a police detective. Today, that officer is believed to potentially be unreliable, thereby calling into question the validity of the woman’s conviction, which was overturned in March of this year. She will be able to remain out of prison while both the prosecution and the defense work on preparations for the retrial.

Felonies can be very challenging cases to prosecute and to defend. Anyone accused of such serious charges could choose to consult and ultimately to work with a private criminal defense attorney which may be very helpful for them whether during an initial trial or a retrial situation.

Source: My, “Arizona woman released after decades on death row,” Bob Christie and Brian Skoloff, September 5, 2013