Divorce worries: Cost vs. Loss

Out of all the things that one must worry about in relation to a divorce, cost is the highest ranked. Yes, that’s right, cost. A recent survey performed by Avvo, a legal website, surveyed approximately 900 people and discovered that the cost of a divorce was the biggest worry among the couples involved.

Cost, you may say? Well, considering in Arizona the average rate for a divorce attorney is between $250 and $350 an hour, monies can easily add up to over $10,000 in attorney fees alone, just within the first 6 months of litigation. Sure the cost of a divorce is high, but is that a reason to stay in the marriage and make it work simply because money is “a bit tight”? According to Slater and Gordon, a British Law Firm, couples surveyed think it is.

Many people seem to think that the attorney sets the rates and cost of a divorce. While the flat “attorney” may be set and fixed by the attorney, the participants can keep the total cost of a divorce low fairly easily. For example, the more drawn out and un-civil the parties are, the more likely the case and the divorce will take longer and be a lot more drawn out. Keeping issues civilized and agreeing to disagree is a good way to keep costs low.

If you are considering a divorce, consider why you are stopping yourself or the process. Is it because of cost? Of course there are many other components of a divorce such as dividing assets and child custody (where applicable) but staying in something because it is “too expensive” might not be the right answer.

Marriage is a wonderful thing when it is done right, however, when things aren’t going so well, staying in a situation like that can be detrimental to everyone involved, including the kids.


Do your research, take your time and make the best decision for you and your family.

What are your thoughts on this topic?