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Wrongfully convicted man imprisoned in Arizona for 10 years

There is no such thing as a victimless crime. Injuries can take all different forms from physical to emotional to financial. Sometimes, people who are wrongfully accused and/or convicted violent crimes suffer as much as the actual victim of the crime. While our legal system is full of checks and balances that usually works to the advantage of the falsely accused, this was not the case for a man who was wrongfully convicted of murder, kidnapping and sexual assault in 1992 and spent 10 years incarcerated in the Arizona State Prison Complex.

Illegal drugs valued at $400,000 found in Phoenix home

Phoenix citizens have the right to be protected and feel safe in their city. Similarly, those accused of crimes have the right to fair judgment and representation of their case. No matter how severe a situation can look, circumstances are not always as they initially seem or are reported in the news. This emphasizes the importance of our judicial system.

Two women stabbed; man facing multiple felony charges

Criminal situations are typically very complex and may not always be as clear-cut as they initially appear. Such can be the case for misdemeanors as well as felonies. This is part of why our nation's justice system ensures that all people accused of anything from thefts to weapons crimes be given a fair trial. The ability to obtain a criminal defense is one of the rights that every citizen of this country and of the state of Arizona enjoys.

Man convicted of drug smuggling has charges dropped

Arizona laws are enacted to keep the public safe. Those laws range from basic traffic rules to legislation surrounding criminal activity. Also a key part of our nation's legal system is the right to fair process and trial that anyone arrested for a crime should have. People accused of drug crimes or other felony charges can sometimes feel that their rights are not thought of but the law does very clearly take the accuracy of the legal process into mind.

Scottsdale DUI checkpoint leads to over 20 arrests

During the holidays, many people in Phoenix like to take a break from their normal responsibilities and spend time with friends and family. For some this means a barbecue or going up to a favorite campsite or vacation getaway. For others, they may spend a day watching their favorite movies or going to a public event. Often these kinds of activities include alcohol as people unwind with a glass or two of beer and this could get them into trouble if they drive after drinking.

Woman convicted of killing 4-year old son gets new trial

Under Arizona and federal criminal law, every citizen is guaranteed the right to a fair trial and fair legal defense in the event of a criminal arrest, no matter the reason. Despite what can feel like unfair treatment from the press or the public, this remains the case. Unfortunately, there can be some times when this does not happen and, if a defendant is lucky, that error is eventually discovered.

Couple with 4.2 pounds of heroin arrested in Arizona

Possession of drugs and being accused of drug crimes are very serious situations with sometimes extremely severe and long-lasting consequences that can include jail time. Whether marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines or another type of illegal drug, being arrested for possession, use of or selling of such substances can result in a very lengthy and complex legal process.