Illegal drugs valued at $400,000 found in Phoenix home

| Oct 24, 2013 | Uncategorized

Phoenix citizens have the right to be protected and feel safe in their city. Similarly, those accused of crimes have the right to fair judgment and representation of their case. No matter how severe a situation can look, circumstances are not always as they initially seem or are reported in the news. This emphasizes the importance of our judicial system.

Two Phoenix residents will be relying upon that fair system as they currently face multiple charges related to drug possession and weapon violations. In conjunction with federal authorities, Phoenix police officers, armed with a search warrant, searched a home near Union Hills Drive and Central Avenue and found an SKS rifle, 130 grams of methamphetamine, 19.5 kilograms of cocaine and some cash as well. In all, the estimated street value of the drugs before being sorted into saleable quantities is $400,000.

Police have arrested a 34-year old woman and 29-year old man. Together, the man and woman are charged with possession of dangerous and narcotic drugs for sale and money laundering. In addition, the man faces a weapons violation charge. Both people are currently serving jail time and the woman has a $200,000 bail while none has been set for the man.

Drug crimes such as those being faced by the people referenced in this case can be serious and include serious consequences. Appropriate representation is important for anyone in such a situation. Obtaining good legal help can be a wise thing to do for people facing charges like these.

Source:, “2 arrested after police find cocaine, meth in Phoenix home,” Jennifer Thomas, October 10, 2013