Scottsdale DUI checkpoint leads to over 20 arrests

| Oct 10, 2013 | Uncategorized

During the holidays, many people in Phoenix like to take a break from their normal responsibilities and spend time with friends and family. For some this means a barbecue or going up to a favorite campsite or vacation getaway. For others, they may spend a day watching their favorite movies or going to a public event. Often these kinds of activities include alcohol as people unwind with a glass or two of beer and this could get them into trouble if they drive after drinking.

Twenty people were arrested this past Labor Day weekend in Scottsdale when they were stopped at DUI checkpoints set up by law enforcement. The checkpoints were held state-wide, resulting in 375 arrests for DUI. Those arrested were allowed to go home after receiving a citation and taxis were on hand to transport the alleged inebriated drivers.  Law enforcement is sending the message that even buzzed driving is drunk driving and drivers can be arrested for driving while impaired. Those arrested in Scottsdale were fingerprinted and had their blood taken to determine their BAC. High blood alcohol content was a problem for one-third of the drivers arrested across the state. It is unknown whether blood tests were administered at all of the checkpoints.

Unfortunately, for many of the people who were arrested, the complications they will face from these charges have just begun. Some of the problems that can arise from DUI convictions include job loss, damage to one’s reputation, and fines. When someone is facing drunk driving charges, they may find it helpful to talk with an experienced attorney.

Source: MyFoxPhoenix, “DUI task force arrests 375 over Labor Day weekend,” Sep. 1, 2013