Two women stabbed; man facing multiple felony charges

| Oct 14, 2013 | Uncategorized

Criminal situations are typically very complex and may not always be as clear-cut as they initially appear. Such can be the case for misdemeanors as well as felonies. This is part of why our nation’s justice system ensures that all people accused of anything from thefts to weapons crimes be given a fair trial. The ability to obtain a criminal defense is one of the rights that every citizen of this country and of the state of Arizona enjoys.

A man in Casa Grande will be navigating his way through the justice system after his recent arrest for allegedly stabbing and killing his 65-year old mother and injuring his 63-year old aunt. The 38-year old man is facing three criminal charges for first degree murder, attempted murder and also aggravated assault after the initial investigation.

An article detailing the crime scene reported that the suspect indicated his actions were at the direction of God. Sheriffs from Pinal County arrived at a home to find the suspect on the ground in the front yard after a neighbor came over with a shovel to attempt to protect the victims. The aunt was lying injured on the front yard while the suspect’s mother was inside the house. Both women had been stabbed and were taken to the hospital. The mother died at the hospital while the aunt is said to be recovering.

Serious charges such as a murder charge and those facing the suspect in the above case are not to be addressed lightly and require proper defense. The threat of prison time is real and working with an experienced attorney can be important for anyone facing such a situation.

Source:, “Casa Grande man allegedly stabbed mother to death,” Marcy McMacken, October 5, 2013