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Felony DUI charges filed in deadly highway accident

It can be easy to jump to conclusions and look scornfully on those who choose to drink and drive in Arizona—especially those with multiple offenses. Nonetheless, we live in a society where everyone should be considered innocent until proven guilty; no matter how heinous the alleged crime may seem at first glance.

High Court: Drugged driving charge stands, despite prior time of use

In Arizona, it is illegal to use marijuana recreationally or possess it without a medical use card. Drug possession can lead to criminal charges, which are typically heightened if a person is arrested for driving with the illegal substance in their system. The immediate effects of the drug include disorientation, diminished mental capacity, impairment of physical coordination, and sleepiness. The presence of its active ingredient, THC, remains in the body for a much longer than the immediate effects last, however, making arrests for drugged driving somewhat problematic.

Lawyer argues for woman on probation to use medical marijuana, wins

Plea bargaining can be beneficial for everyone involved. It is not unusual for criminal defense attorneys to negotiate with prosecutors; they may be able to minimize the penalties for serious crimes by doing so. Prosecutors may agree to pursue a lesser prison sentence or offer probation in exchange for the accused’s cooperation on another case. Or, prosecutors might be willing to drop felony charges in exchange for a guilty plea on lesser misdemeanor charges. Plea agreements are not without stipulations, however.