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Facebook posts incriminate women for shoplifting

Social media has revolutionized the way that we interact with one another. It has also changed the way that police investigate crimes. More and more criminal law officers in Phoenix and other areas are trolling social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for signs of criminal activity, as two women in Albuquerque recently learned.

Heroin use, drug charges on the rise in Arizona

More and more people in Arizona are using heroin. For some people, the euphoric effect of the opiate is the only time that they safe, happy and warm. Yet, using heroin can lead to tragic consequences. Addicts and first time users alike can face drug possession charges that carry serious criminal consequences if they are found with the substance in their possession. Worse yet, heroin users can overdose and die.

Report gives recommendations to prevent wrongful convictions

Legal dramas on television often have one side or the other call an eyewitness, just to have opposing counsel call the reliability of the witness into question. This doesn’t just happen on TV, however. It often occurs in our criminal law system here in Maricopa and throughout the rest of the United States, for that matter. Unfortunately, when a case lacks physical evidence and hinges on the testimony of an eyewitness the wrong person can sometimes be convicted and the long-term consequences are very real.

Search reveals guns, explosives in prohibited possessor's home

Gun control has become and even hotter topic of debate in recent months, as Arizona lawmakers have passed new laws regarding buy-back programs and the courts have ruled in favor of police temporarily seizing weapons for officer safety. Despite the changes however, one thing remains constant: the state’s aggressive pursuit of weapons crimes. The charges are typically heightened when firearms are possessed by a prohibited person.