Search reveals guns, explosives in prohibited possessor’s home

| Dec 5, 2013 | Uncategorized

Gun control has become and even hotter topic of debate in recent months, as Arizona lawmakers have passed new laws regarding buy-back programs and the courts have ruled in favor of police temporarily seizing weapons for officer safety. Despite the changes however, one thing remains constant: the state’s aggressive pursuit of weapons crimes. The charges are typically heightened when firearms are possessed by a prohibited person.

A San Tan Valley man is facing charges for aggravated assault and firearm possession after police executed a search warrant on the man’s residence, his mother’s home. The man is considered a prohibited possessor because of two prior felony convictions. Police obtained a search warrant after the man’s brother, who lives out of state, called authorities to report a domestic dispute at the home. It is alleged that the San Tan Valley man held a gun to his mother’s head and pushed her. The woman did not report it to authorities because she was fearful. Police found a number of firearms and explosives in the home, including guns, grenades and homemade bombs. Additional charges are will likely be filed for possession of the explosives.

Anyone who is facing criminal charges for weapons crimes would be well-advised to speak with an attorney regarding their legal options. If it can be proven that there was not probable cause to justify a search or that officers violated the scope of a search warrant, the charges could be dropped. There may be other ways to mitigate the consequences as well.

Source:, “Firearms, explosives found in aggravated assault suspect’s home,” FOX 10 News Staff, Nov. 26, 2013.