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DUI suspect had BAC three times the legal limit

Arizona residents are governed by some very strict laws concerning driving under the influence. When stopped by law enforcement for suspicion of drunk driving, drivers may be asked to submit to a field sobriety test, a breath test or a blood test as means by police to determine whether or not a DUI arrest can be made. Even if a person is arrested, the ability and right to obtain a full DUI defense is provided by law as it must be remembered that every person in our legal system is innocent until proven guilty.

Law enforcement officers shot in line of duty

Phoenix area residents look to local laws and law enforcement to keep them safe from being the victims of serious crime. The laws do also provide appropriate protection for the rights of anyone accused of crimes, including the right to a proper defense and treatment, regardless of the type of crime. From gun charges to weapons crimes and more, the law exists to protect both victims and defendants alike.

Judge rules defendant will get two trials for multiple crimes

Our nation’s and state’s laws exist to keep the public and victims safe. They also exist to protect and provide for the fair treatment of anyone accused of or convicted of a crime. This is an important portion of our judicial system. No matter the nature of the crime, this is the case. People facing gun charges, batter, other weapons crimes and more still deserve proper representation for their case.

Traffic stop leads to serious drug charges for three from Phoenix

What might start as a routine traffic stop in Arizona can sometimes end with more serious charges. If police smell the odor of drugs or alcohol or observe erratic behavior, this may be enough to warrant a vehicle search. If illegal substances are found during the course of the search, the occupants could face drug charges, including possession, drug transportation or possession with the intent to sell.