Judge rules defendant will get two trials for multiple crimes

| Jan 21, 2014 | Uncategorized

Our nation’s and state’s laws exist to keep the public and victims safe. They also exist to protect and provide for the fair treatment of anyone accused of or convicted of a crime. This is an important portion of our judicial system. No matter the nature of the crime, this is the case. People facing gun charges, batter, other weapons crimes and more still deserve proper representation for their case.

Fair treatment for defendants can take many forms. For one Phoenix man, that comes in the form of multiple trials for his varying charges. While the prosecuting attorney team had hoped to try the man for all charges in one single trial, a local judge indicated that two trials should be held in order to prevent unnecessary prejudice against the defendant during the process.

The man is charged with three unique counts of first degree murder as well as one count of attempted second degree murder. There are also charges for armed robbery, aggravated assault, theft, burglary and misconduct with weapons. A news story that reported on the judge’s ruling that ordered two separate trials did not indicate which charges will be tried together. All of the alleged crimes were committed in a span of time from late in 2011 until early 2012.

The crimes noted above are serious charges and certainly protection should be provided for any victims and their families. At the same time, it is the right of a defendant to obtain a valid defense and to be considered innocent until proven guilty. If you have been accused of any crime and may face prison time, working with a private attorney may be beneficial to you.

Source: AZcentral.com, “Man facing murder, other charges in crime spree will get 2 separate trials,” Michael Kiefer, January 10, 2014