Law enforcement officers shot in line of duty

| Jan 22, 2014 | Uncategorized

Phoenix area residents look to local laws and law enforcement to keep them safe from being the victims of serious crime. The laws do also provide appropriate protection for the rights of anyone accused of crimes, including the right to a proper defense and treatment, regardless of the type of crime. From gun charges to weapons crimes and more, the law exists to protect both victims and defendants alike.

Two men recently had a series of charges levied against them by area law enforcement after an armed robbery and shooting of one police officer and one sheriff posse member. The incident began when two employees from Pink Rhino’s Gentleman’s Club were on their way to deposit $18,000 at the bank. On the way, they were held up at gunpoint by the alleged perpetrators. In the process of fleeing the scene, a Phoenix police officer followed the men and watched as their vehicle ran a red light and then hit a truck being driven by a member of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s posse.

 The four men—two law enforcement officials and two alleged criminals—got into a scuffle that ended with the shooting of both the police officer and sheriff’s posse. The two victims have undergone operations and are reportedly recovering well thus far. No further details on their conditions were given. Additionally, the article did not specify the exact charges facing the two men accused of the robbery or the one man accused of the shooting.

Such situations and allegations commonly involve serious charges and may lead to prison time or other penalties depending upon the nature of the felony charge or charges. Any person who is in need of a defense for such accusations may wish to consult with a private attorney for further details.

Source: My, “2 suspects face charges following Phoenix shooting,” Mila Garcia, January 1, 2014