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Mentally incompetent man arrested twice for same crimes

One of the basic tenets of the laws in the United States is the right to a fair defense. Anyone who is accused of a crime is naturally granted this right. This includes Arizona residents charged with crimes that may include battery, aggravated assault, weapons crimes, felony assault or more. Part of the defense process requires that a defendant be mentally able to withstand a trial. If a person is deemed unfit for trial, professional help can be sought.

Wife charged with attempted first degree murder

Around the nation as well as in Arizona, people who are arrested for criminal activity have many challenges that they must face. In order to pursue a successful defense, the right help and evidence is necessary. Such a process is guaranteed to all under our laws and it is critical the anyone who has been charged with crimes such as aggravated assault, felony assault, gun charges or more remember that they are due a proper legal process as circumstances may not always be what they seem.

Arizona man accused of murder after turned away from party

Allegations of violent crimes should not be taken lightly. Whether a person formally faces an assault charge, a weapons violation or a murder charge, the consequences can have a lasting impact on that person as well as close friends or family members. There are a number of different factors that must be taken into consideration before entering a plea during arraignment.

Five people arrested for murder of woman at party

News reports in Phoenix, as in other parts of the country, often depict stories from one side only making it easy for readers or viewers to make judgments often without all of the information. That can be difficult for a defendant who has been arrested whether for gun charges, aggravated assault or other felonies. It is important for all citizens to remember that our legal system states that all persons are innocent until proven guilty and that learning the details is an important component in this.