Five people arrested for murder of woman at party

News reports in Phoenix, as in other parts of the country, often depict stories from one side only making it easy for readers or viewers to make judgments often without all of the information. That can be difficult for a defendant who has been arrested whether for gun charges, aggravated assault or other felonies. It is important for all citizens to remember that our legal system states that all persons are innocent until proven guilty and that learning the details is an important component in this.

Five Phoenix-area residents are currently the subject of news articles that detail their alleged involvement in the death of a 19-year old woman but give little details about the entire situation. What is known is that a party was taking place at a home when a car with five people drove by. According to the article, the people in the car noticed rival gang members at the location and then later returned to the home when partygoers were outside. The five people in the car were said to have all fired shots into the crowd.

Three people at the party were injured and treated while another person, a 19-year old female, died as a result of the shooting. All five people have since been charged for the incident. One of the five is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and leading and assisting criminal street gangs. The remaining four are charged with the same and also first degree murder charges along with charges for drive-by shooting, felony murder and aggravated assault.

Assault charges such as these are serious and can lead to prison time. Persons who face a murder or other charge may be helped by seeking a private attorney to lead the defense efforts and collect the right information.

Source:, “Nora Osman update: House party shooting death involved rival gangs, Phoenix police say,” Deborah Stocks, January 22, 2014