Mentally incompetent man arrested twice for same crimes

| Feb 19, 2014 | Uncategorized

One of the basic tenets of the laws in the United States is the right to a fair defense. Anyone who is accused of a crime is naturally granted this right. This includes Arizona residents charged with crimes that may include battery, aggravated assault, weapons crimes, felony assault or more. Part of the defense process requires that a defendant be mentally able to withstand a trial. If a person is deemed unfit for trial, professional help can be sought.

Such was the situation for a 41-year old Phoenix man after his arrest in September 2013 for the murder of his neighbor. The defendant was accused of shooting the neighbor, another man, multiple times with two different guns and killing him. The defendant was arrested on a murder charge as well as for harassment against the alleged victim and his girlfriend. In January 2014, it was declared that the defendant was mentally incompetent and unable to participate in a trial. He was released to a mental health facility in Mesa.

After less than a month, the defendant has now been arrested once again for the original charges. A news article reporting the story did not detail the exact reasons for the latest arrest. However, this can happen if a defendant appears to respond positively to treatment and, as a result, has regained mental competency.

Nuances such as these can arise in any felony charge, making it difficult for defendants at times. Anyone facing allegations of felonies may wish to speak with a private attorney to get help with these and other parts of the defense process.

Source:, “Phoenix man re-arrested in murder after court rules him unfit,” Courtland Jeffrey, February 5, 2014