Wife charged with attempted first degree murder

| Feb 12, 2014 | Uncategorized

Around the nation as well as in Arizona, people who are arrested for criminal activity have many challenges that they must face. In order to pursue a successful defense, the right help and evidence is necessary. Such a process is guaranteed to all under our laws and it is critical the anyone who has been charged with crimes such as aggravated assault, felony assault, gun charges or more remember that they are due a proper legal process as circumstances may not always be what they seem.

A woman who is a resident of Chandler, AZ is in need of her own defense in the wake of her recent arrest based upon events that took place at her husband’s hospital bedside. Originally charged with aggravated assault, the woman’s charges have been upgraded to an attempted murder charge—first degree murder, specifically. The actions and arrest came on the heels of the man’s heart surgery.

The arrest and charge comes after hospital staff entered the room in response to an alarm. Allegations from personnel on duty indicate that the wife was tampering with the husband’s IV which was later found to contain traces of feces. The news article reporting the story did not indicate what type the feces were. Additional syringes were also allegedly located in her purse.

A felony charge requires a thorough investigation and, if a conviction is obtained, prison time can be a common penalty. When serious charges such as these are faced, a defendant might be best helped through the intervention of a private defense attorney.

Source: MyFoxPhoenix.com, “Woman accused of injecting fecal matter into husband’s IV,” January 31, 2014