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Man accused of murder and child abuse in Phoenix

Arizona residents may enjoy a wealth of sunny days compared with much of the rest of the country but that does not always protect against some challenges or dangers. Serious crimes such as weapons crimes, aggravated assault, felony assault, rape, murder and more can and do occur in Phoenix-area neighborhoods.

Sex crimes with minors result in 24-year jail sentence

People who are charged with serious crimes may or may not be convicted of all alleged offenses. The law’s requirement that every accused person be provided the opportunity for a criminal defense can make a big difference in the outcome of a case versus what may appear at the outset. Arizona criminal law covers a wide range of activities including drug crimes, fraud, vehicular crimes, sex crimes and more. In each of these cases, a defense is an important component.

Three-year drug probation sentence received

Criminal charges can be levied upon people for a wide variety of reasons. Illegal drugs or prescription drug abuse are among these reasons. In Arizona, the laws concerning illegal drugs are clear and many arrests related to drug crimes can take place. It is important, however, for all residents to remember than an arrest is neither a conviction nor a guarantee of a person’s guilt. Every person charged with some form of crime involving illegal or prescription drugs deserves a defense.

Emotions overrun defendant in murder trial

A criminal defense can be filled with many challenges for defendants. Arizona residents who are accused of serious charges can face several years in prison or, in extreme situations, even the death penalty. From an assault charge to a murder charge, the range of situations is broad but the need and right for a proper defense stands strong.

18-year old man arrested for murder and other charges

There are many difference circumstances which can lead a person to be charged with a serious crime like an assault charge, battery, rape or murder. Self-defense, accidents, and more can all contribute to the rate of these situations. Residents in and around Phoenix have the right to feel safe in their environments and they also have the right to be treated fairly if suspected of or arrested for a crime.