18-year old man arrested for murder and other charges

There are many difference circumstances which can lead a person to be charged with a serious crime like an assault charge, battery, rape or murder. Self-defense, accidents, and more can all contribute to the rate of these situations. Residents in and around Phoenix have the right to feel safe in their environments and they also have the right to be treated fairly if suspected of or arrested for a crime.

An 18-year old area resident is today in need of that fair treatment as he was recently arrested on multiple felony charges, including a first degree murder charge. The man was currently out of jail serving a probationary period for a prior conviction when police obtained a warrant to take him into custody to obtain DNA samples for the murder of a man this past December.

After arriving at the man’s home, police found him to be armed with a handgun and to possess multiple bags of marijuana allegedly ready for sale. In addition to taking the suspect in for the DNA collection, he was arrested and charged with three additional felony counts—one each for possession of marijuana for sale, possession and use of a weapon in a drug offense and the possession of a weapon by a prohibited person. The story reporting on the arrest did not include what potential penalties the defendant may face.

New stories can only give some details about situations like these. Every defendant should remember that he or she can contact a private attorney. Doing that may provide help with a defense.

Source: KPHO.com, “DNA stop leads to arrest of Phoenix murder suspect,” Steve Stout, February 10, 2014