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Marijuana not necessarily governed by drunk driving laws

While recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in Arizona, its use has been legally allowed for medical purposes since 2010. Additionally, two other western states have legalized its use for any purpose. Such realities have led to many questions including whether or not the presence of marijuana in a person's system can lead to an arrest for drunk driving or related offenses.

Drug theft charges result in probation for Scottsdale surgeon

Many people in Phoenix who hear about arrests involving drugs or other illegal substances may often automatically assume that the defendant will receive a harsh sentence. However, it is always important to remember that the defense process can dramatically change the outcome of such a case. The stories of such drug crimes or related situations are often more complex than what is originally known and that can affect the ultimate outcome.

Inmate faces new first degree murder charge

People who are arrested for serious charges in Phoenix can face multiple penalties, the nature of which depends largely upon the individual circumstances. A felony charge typically has a stricter set of penalties than a misdemeanor charge, for example. Weapons crimes, battery or an assault charge are all types of felonies that can be levied against a defendant.

Clemency granted to first man since 1989 in Arizona

People who are arrested for and face allegations of serious felony crimes in Arizona can face a myriad of long-term penalties. If a criminal conviction is received, the option still exists under criminal law statutes to file for appeals or to work toward parole or even potentially some form of early release.

Drug charges levied against traffic policeman

The need to maintain public safety is important for Arizona law enforcement. This includes the enforcement of all applicable laws ranging from traffic laws to criminal laws. Drug crimes can make many residents nervous and are taken seriously by all. However, just as with any crime, an arrest does not mean that a person is or will be found guilty. The defense process is set up to help identify that and give defendants fair treatment.