Clemency granted to first man since 1989 in Arizona

| Apr 10, 2014 | Uncategorized

People who are arrested for and face allegations of serious felony crimes in Arizona can face a myriad of long-term penalties. If a criminal conviction is received, the option still exists under criminal law statutes to file for appeals or to work toward parole or even potentially some form of early release.

A current media story details the first instance of clemency granted by the state’s governor since 1989, indicating that the possibility of early release can still exist no matter how grim the potential may appear. Clemency is what allows a prisoner to be able to be considered to be released from jail early. Under Arizona law, anyone convicted of a criminal charge before 1973 must first be granted clemency before being eligible for parole. These people are frequently referred to as old-code lifers.

The latest man granted clemency is now 65 years old but was convicted of murdering his stepfather and his mother in 1964 at the age of 16. His clemency comes after nearly 50 years in jail. Two other men were granted clemency in 1989 by the governor at that time. Reports indicate that the conduct of both men when in jail was outstanding. One even graduated from college and got married while still incarcerated. Still his release was dependent upon clemency first.

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