Drug charges levied against traffic policeman

| Apr 3, 2014 | Uncategorized

The need to maintain public safety is important for Arizona law enforcement. This includes the enforcement of all applicable laws ranging from traffic laws to criminal laws. Drug crimes can make many residents nervous and are taken seriously by all. However, just as with any crime, an arrest does not mean that a person is or will be found guilty. The defense process is set up to help identify that and give defendants fair treatment.

The laws that govern drug crimes in Arizona pertain to all citizens, regardless of their positions. That includes members of law enforcement agencies. A 12-year veteran of the Chandler Police Department recently resigned from his job after being arrested for the suspected possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia. The man had been a member of the Chandler traffic police unit.

The Chandler Police Department obtained information that the officer had been smoking heroin and five days later, he was arrested after a search of his home. Three days later, the officer stepped down from his job with the police department. A news article reporting on the story did not indicate if any bail had been posted but did say that the former officer remains out of jail as the case is processed by the Attorney’s Office in Maricopa County. The article also did not indicate if jail time could be ordered if he is convicted.

Help from a private attorney may give defendants in situations like these strong help with their defenses. Anyone who has been charged with drug crimes may wish to get a consultation before proceeding.

Source: AZFamily.com, “Former Chandler police officer faces drug charges,” Jared Dillingham, March 20, 2014