Inmate faces new first degree murder charge

| Apr 15, 2014 | Uncategorized

People who are arrested for serious charges in Phoenix can face multiple penalties, the nature of which depends largely upon the individual circumstances. A felony charge typically has a stricter set of penalties than a misdemeanor charge, for example. Weapons crimes, battery or an assault charge are all types of felonies that can be levied against a defendant.

We recently reported on a man who was put in prison after allegedly murdering his 12-year old brother. Current news reports now indicate that the same man is facing a new first degree murder charge, this time for the death of his cellmate of three weeks. The defendant was housed in Maricopa County Jail, where his cellmate had been since last November on charges of armed robbery. An upcoming hearing was expected to result in a final 3-1/2 year sentence for the cellmate.

According to the article, the defendant has admitted to strangling and beating the other man. Further allegations listed in the report included stabbing the man with a golf pencil in the eyes, suffocating him with a plastic bag and food pushed down his throat and cutting his throat with a card. Some people are questioning why the man did not have a private cell but authorities are supporting their decision to house him with another inmate due to their initial review of him.

Certainly facing multiple felony charges can be difficult. However, the law makes it clear that every person deserves a defense. A person that is charged with these types of crimes can sometimes be helped by the experience of a private attorney.

Source: ABC News, “Phoenix Murder Defendant Accused in Cellmate Death,” Paul Davenport, April 3, 2014