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Total of 27 sex crimes filed against 18-year old man

Criminal activity can include a myriad of actions. From misdemeanors to felonies, the range of long-term consequences and penalties is just as great as the range of crimes or alleged crimes. Our country’s system of criminal law protects the rights of all parties and ensures that anyone arrested for and charged with a crime can have access to a proper defense and this includes in Arizona. This is because of the understood point that a person is always innocent until proven guilty.

Psychiatric evaluation ordered of former deputy

Our nation's legal system understands that some defendants may have issues that affect their actions. Phoenix area residents have no doubt read many a news story detailing accounts of such cases. Psychological experts are leveraged in these circumstances as a way of identifying how best to help people. This can happen in murder cases, drug crimes, robberies and more.

Man arrested twice for same crime

Our government’s judicial and legal systems provide for people to both be tried for crimes they may have committed and to defend themselves against such charges. The world of criminal law includes many complexities and is ultimately focused on providing a safe environment for all Phoenix residents while simultaneously protecting the rights of those residents.

Armed robber admits to crime

Phoenix area residents need to know that they are safe and can be protected from both crimes and also from unfair treatment in the event that they are arrested for any reason. No matter what the situation may look like, every defendant does deserve the chance to a proper defense and to be considered innocent until proven guilty. This is true for anything from a traffic violation to an aggravated assault charge. Such rights are part of the foundation of our legal and judicial system.