Armed robber admits to crime

Phoenix area residents need to know that they are safe and can be protected from both crimes and also from unfair treatment in the event that they are arrested for any reason. No matter what the situation may look like, every defendant does deserve the chance to a proper defense and to be considered innocent until proven guilty. This is true for anything from a traffic violation to an aggravated assault charge. Such rights are part of the foundation of our legal and judicial system.

One man in particular today is in need of his chance at a fair defense process after his recent arrest. The defendant has been charged with two different criminal counts. One charge is for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and the second is for armed robbery with a deadly weapon. According to a news story reporting on the situation, the weapon was a 10-inch long knife and was allegedly used by the defendant to rob a fast-food restaurant.

According to the media article, the man held up a restaurant clerk at a Jack-in-the-Box on N. 24th Street. After ordering the cash register to be opened, he took the money out of the till drawer and left, going across the street to a Taco Bell. The report then states that the defendant dialed 911 from the Taco Bell and admitted to the burglary that he had just committed. The article did not indicate whether or not the man was in jail or what the potential penalties may be.

Assault charges and related allegations can lead to felonies on a person’s record. Such serious charges require the right help. Talking with a private defense attorney may be one way that defendants can get the help that they need.

Source:, “PD: Phoenix fast-food robber turns self in,” Phil Benson, April 28, 2014