Psychiatric evaluation ordered of former deputy

| May 21, 2014 | Uncategorized

Our nation’s legal system understands that some defendants may have issues that affect their actions. Phoenix area residents have no doubt read many a news story detailing accounts of such cases. Psychological experts are leveraged in these circumstances as a way of identifying how best to help people. This can happen in murder cases, drug crimes, robberies and more.

Persons can be charged with drug crimes that involve illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine or methamphetamines as well as legal prescription drugs that are believed to have been obtained, dispensed or used illegally. A member of the Maricopa Sheriff Deputy Office resigned from his job recently after being charged with drug possession. The drugs and related paraphernalia were allegedly found by officers conducting a search of the deputy’s home following an emergency call for help.

The defendant reported an intruder although none was found by authorities. Instead, the 40-year old former deputy was witnessed chasing an apparent invisible person. Since that time, friends of the deputy made reports that they believed the man may harm himself, prompting officers to once again go to the home. After several hours, the defendant agreed to the requests of the officers and is now currently undergoing a psychological evaluation before further hearings are conducted.

Situations like these can be very complex. People charged with crimes involving drugs that may have other problems that affect the situation may need the help of a private defense attorney. Both defendants and their family members may find such a path beneficial in the process.

Source:, “Former deputy facing drug charges after barricade situation ends peacefully,”  Catherine Holland, May 5, 2014