Drugs, weapons and gang activity alleged in recent arrests

| Jun 3, 2014 | Uncategorized

Illegal drug activity is understandably of concern to Phoenix area residents. The need to maintain safety for people throughout the area is real but so, too, is the need to provide fair treatment to those persons accused of drug crimes. That includes proper treatment during an arrest as well as through the entire defense process. An arrest does not or should not guarantee a conviction or guilt on the part of any defendant.

Twenty-one persons are currently facing the Phoenix justice system for a variety of weapons and drug offenses. In all, the officers who arrested the individuals have recommended that the district attorney’s office levy a total of 70 felony charges. The arrests were made at the site of a motel on Grand Avenue near Polk Street. Heroine, cocaine, guns and other items were found in the possession of those arrested. Street gang involvement is also alleged.

Local and state law enforcement groups had worked together for the past three months to investigate the activities at the motel. Over the course of six months, more than 250 police calls to the area had been made. It is not known which of the 21 persons will face which charges. The amount of jail time that could be ordered for any of the defendants if convicted is also unknown at this time.

A drug conviction is a very serious thing. It can have a long-lasting impact and therefore any such arrest should be taken seriously. Talking to a private defense attorney may offer some ideas for how to best defend against a conviction.

Source: AZCentral.com, “’Operation Hurricane’ nets 21 arrests in Phoenix,”  May 21, 2014