Murder of priest leads to criminal arrest

| Jun 25, 2014 | Uncategorized

Criminal charges are always serious but defendants must remember that a charge is not a guarantee of a conviction. A felony assault charge, a murder charge or more can all lead to long-term penalties and the right defense process is important. Every person accused of such a crime is promised a defense under Arizona’s laws. Even if jail time is required, sometimes sentences can be minimized with the right help.

A 54-year old man was released from prison in April of this year. He had spent eight years of a ten-year sentence behind bars after a conviction for multiple charges in 2005. The crimes included burglary and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for his alleged involvement in the stabbing death of a man at his own home. The man was also convicted of additional crimes between 2005 and April 2014.

After being out of state prison only a short time, this same man has been arrested again, this time for the murder of one priest and injuries sustained by another priest. Allegations also include burglary and armed robbery. The incident took place at a Roman Catholic Church in Phoenix. It is not known if the suspect is in jail or if he has been released. No details about bail or bond are reported either.

Felonies are serious charges and can affect people for many years, sometimes for the rest of their lives even. Despite grim circumstances, anyone who is facing these types of charges could benefit from talking to a private defense attorney.

Source:, “Police: Arrest made in murder of 1 priest, assault on second,”  June 16, 2014