Officer charged with drunk driving while on duty

| Jun 10, 2014 | Uncategorized

Phoenix area residents know that the laws surrounding drunk driving can often lead to very serious consequences when convictions are obtained. Every drunk driving conviction that a particular driver receives is likely to step up the level of penalties. Installation of ignition interlock devices, fines, jail time and more can all be part of a penalty package for drivers found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Even though law enforcement officers are expected to enforce Arizona’s DUI laws, that does not mean that they themselves cannot be suspects in DUI cases or face felony drunk driving charges. An animal control officer from Avondale was recently in Tempe for professional reasons when he was arrested and charged with drunk driving. He is currently not allowed to work as his case is under investigation. It is not known if a court date has been set or if he was put in jail for any period of time.

According to witnesses, the officer’s police vehicle was being driven in an erratic manner that prompted multiple calls to the local 911 number. Eventually, the officer ran the car into a fire hydrant which is where he was found by the Tempe police. The Avondale man was in full uniform at the time of the incident. The stop was near the intersection of Broadway and Price in Tempe.

People suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol can be charged in part based upon their blood alcohol content at the time of the arrests. This is one area that can also provide for options in a defense. Talking with an experienced lawyer may be a way to learn more about this.

Source:, “Avondale animal control officer arrested for alleged DUI,”  Jennifer Thomas, May 28, 2014