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Governorís grant money used in drunk driving crackdown

Over the decades, the laws governing drunk driving in Arizona have changed dramatically. These changes include changing the legal drinking age from 19 to 21 and imposing stricter penalties for people found guilty of DUI offenses. Persons who have been arrested and charged with felony drunk driving or drugged driving can sometimes have a difficult path ahead of them during their defense processes.

College campus ecstasy sales lead to sentencing for five

Arizona residents can find stories about serious crimes in their state on any given day. However, the stereotype that all people accused of such crimes as hardened criminals who lead seedy lives is not necessarily true. It is equally untrue that all people accused of drug crimes or other charges are actually guilty. This is why the law provides the right for a valid defense process.

Man booked on multiple drug charges

In Phoenix and throughout Arizona, law enforcement members can be highly vigilant when it comes to illegal drug activity. While certainly it is important for local police or sheriff offices to keep citizens safe, it is equally important that the rights of those accused of crimes are respected. This can mean many things such as ensuring that vehicles are not improperly searched or that suspects are not unfairly accused of drug crimes or other crimes.

Two wrong-way drivers found on same day

Phoenix area residents can be subject to a wide range of consequences if found guilty of any form of drunk or drugged driving charges. The road to conviction can be long and includes an initial DUI stop followed by a field sobriety test implementation, potential blood test and more. People charged with drunk driving understand the many challenges they must face when trying to defend themselves against such a charge.

Driver held on manslaughter and other charges after crash

A driver who is arrested on suspicion of driving with his or her BAC over the legal limit in Arizona can be subject to a wide range of consequences. A felony drunk driving or drugged driving conviction can result in steep financial penalties as well as jail time and even the use of an ignition interlock device. The exact consequences of drunk driving vary from situation to situation and one factor is any prior convictions.